Advent Calendar Day 21

NARS Killer Heels Mini Lipstick Set

INARS do love anything in miniature, whether a travel-sized tube of toothpaste, a dinky, glasshouse-grown cauliflower or a Sylvanian Families canal boat crewed by otters, so this set of five scaled-down lipsticks from the limited edition NARS X Steven Klein collection appeals to me no end. Each Lilliputian tube contains a bullet precisely half the size of a regular one, which might just be the perfect size for a lipstick, given that in around 25 years of painting my face I’m not sure I have ever worn one down to a nub. The shades run from a deep claret to a sheer, tawny nude, making this the perfect starter kit for a girlfriend who is yet to find her signature lip colour.

NARS Killer Heels Mini Lipstick Set, £29

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  • Bekahbea

    These are beautiful, but I would also like the Sylvanian Families canal boat crewed by otters, please and thank you.

  • katie

    It’s on my list, Santa had better come through

  • lovestruck

    this looks amazing. i love nars hard and think their lipsticks are brilliant. i need to hunt for this in the sale…..

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