Advent Calendar Day 16

ClaudiaCLAUDIA Use More Absolutely Loads Eye Set

All my make-up heros are, or were, a bit heavy-handed with the liner. Women who would check their reflection, conclude they look smoking, then add a bit more kohl in the back of the cab, just to be sure. I’m talking about the likes of Amy Winehouse, Elizabeth Taylor, and of course, Claudia Winkleman. The true star of Strictly, she wears more liner in one night that most of us manage in a lifetime. Gloriously inexpertly applied, she knows the only way to fix an uneven eye-job is to add more liner.

The Use More Absolutely Loads Eye Set from Winko’s new beauty range at M&S, a basic smoky eye in a box, is currently half price. Lashes, liner, mascara and two shadows for under a tenner. You can’t complain about that. It will make a fantastic gift for a smoky-eye novice or for any woman who knows that the sign of a good night out is waking up to find an imprint of her panda eyes on the pillow the next morning.

CLAUDIA Use More Absolutely Loads Eye Set, £9.75

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  • Beklet

    I’m not normally into twee names of things, looking at you Soap & Glory, but these seem great sets. Also I had a nosey on M&S and there’s a set in there with Percy Pigs. Sold

  • Bekahbea

    Excellent choice. But you’ve got me wishing that Winko would do a collaboration with Wilko.

  • Harriet Riley

    The eyeliner is properly good.

  • jen pobble

    The Claudia sets are half price at the moment too!

  • lovestruck

    i’m thrilled that this made it on to the list. there’s something very comforting about a world in which we can celebrate and aspire to imperfection. what better way than to have messy eyeliner. brilliant stuff :)

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