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Origins Gift Sets

Origins postMy love of the beauty gift set peaked in the early 90s, when every Christmas I would wish for a Body Shop basket containing bath pearls, some Dewberry bubble bath and a sponge in the shape of a fish, all cocooned in a nest of shredded purple tissue paper. I never did get one, and eventually I went off the whole idea. Gift sets tend towards a lot of plastic packaging, a couple of products you might quite like, and at least one that is so bizarre you can’t even re-gift it elsewhere. That said, if you have lady relative you are yet to buy for, and inspiration is never likely to strike, take a look at the gift sets from Origins. All are packaged in charmingly retro Scandi-print boxes and contain the best of Origins with no dodgy space-fillers. The Super Set offers the best value for money, but if you are looking for a lower spend, I should be delighted to find the Ornament hanging on my tree on Friday morning.

Origins Gift Sets, from £12

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  • Bekahbea

    Mmmm, ginger! These look excellent, thanks.

  • Alkistis

    The Ornament set looks like a great way to try a few bits without a big financial investment. Is self-gifting allowed? :p

  • olivia

    I did indeed get that body shop basket

  • lovestruck

    i’ve never tried anything by origins and i reckon i should change that. surely a little gift set to ease me into 2016 is required!

  • Ona in Barcelona

    Ohhhh, Christ did I love those Body Shop gift baskets. As a pre-internet-era teen I would spend weeks saving up my pocket money and poring over the Body Shop catalogue. Having finally amassed something like $27, I’d post a cheque (! – dad was an accountant, so pocket money was put into a chequing account) to the Body Shop store in the next-door city, and 7-10 working days later receive a straw-filled box stuffed with Fuzzy Peach glycerine soaps and some god-awful blue face mask. Even today the smell of straw gives me that new-beauty-purchase high.

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