Advent Calendar Day 23

Andrea Garland Winter Compact

Isn’t this just darling? Andrea Garland started off filling vintage pill boxes with the
lipbalm she brewed up in her Hackney kitchen and selling them from a market stall on Brick Lane. Six years on she’s a proper brand, with a collaboration with Liberty, and her charming fox-head ring with a hidden stash of lipbalm is still one of my favourite things. This is one of a series of four seasonal compacts, each with a whimsical illustration and filled with a gloriously rich and deeply moisturising honeysuckle beauty balm made to soothe chapped lips and tame wayward brows. The mirror tucked inside the lid will make public lipstick applications a delight, and when the compact is empty you can send it back to Andrea and it will come home to you refilled, for the price of the return postage.
Andrea Garland Winter Compact, £17.50

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  • Alkistis

    This is so lovely. I wonder why I hadn’t spotted it in Liberty.

  • Bekahbea

    This is so lovely. And the refill is a generous piece of genius. I’ll be looking out for the other seasons.

  • lovestruck

    so beautiful!

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