Advent Calendar Day 24

Tom Ford Lips Color Set 50

TOMFORDLet’s be honest, this is utterly bonkers. A box of posh lipstick for one and a half GRAND! Definitely one for the “When we win the lottery” list, but a lovely, lovely thing to ogle, nonetheless. Inside the smart, black lacquered box are all fifty colours from the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection, each named for a gent who Tom admires, from friends and collaborators to those he find inspiring. Roman, Eddie and Jude, all waiting to join you for kisses under the mistletoe. It’s all your Christmas wishes come true. A note to my husband: This is what I want for Christmas, obvs. I gave you two children, keep house (ish) and every year I roll out a complete Christmas without asking you to do so much as write a card. Ergo, this is the least you can do. Although, a giant Toblerone would also be lovely.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys, £147

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  • Alkistis

    I think you are missing a crucial 0 up there. :-)

    What annoys me with the TF sets is that they actually charge you for the box. The 50 Boys cost £1400 if bought individually. I think if someone is willing to part with that sort of cash, the least dear Tom should do is throw in the box. Not charge another £70 for the privilege.

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