Advent Calendar Day 25

Crisis At Christmas

CRISISchristmas_tagMerry Christmas! It’s the big day, the one where you get to do jigsaws all day, listen to the Rat Pack at Christmas on repeat and eat yourself into a stupor. If you woke up with a start at 2am became you suddenly remembered a gift-less lunch guest, may I suggest that instead of heading to the 24 hour garage and grabbing wildly at a wrench set with complimentary high-vis vest, you make a donation in their name to Crisis At Christmas. There can be little more lonely than sleeping on the streets, knowing that all around you people are warm and safe in their own homes, spending time with their families, exchanging gifts and swapping stories, and Crisis At Christmas works hard to give the UK’s rough sleepers a proper Christmas. For less than the cost of a Chanel lipstick, a bottle of Jo Malone cologne or a very average turkey, you can secure a place for a homeless person in a shelter, where as well as a bed for the night they will get a shower, a change of clothes, a medical check-up, three hot meals and someone to talk to. All for less than twenty five quid. It is truly the best gift you can give this Christmas.

Crisis At Christmas, £22.29

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  • Bekahbea

    That’s a beautiful thought, and the most Christmassy idea of all. I’ve enjoyed the advent calendar so much – thank you, and happy Christmas.

  • lovestruck

    what a smashing charity. great final post to finish on. i love the advent calendar posts and thought they were smashing this year. thanks Rachel :) xxx

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