Advent Calendar Day 3

House Of Holland Nails Xmas Xcess

nailsI’m not, it must be said, someone who goes in for a novelty item. Christmas jumpers don’t feature high on my list of festive must haves, any family member coming home in musical socks will find them promptly boil washed, and I’ve never knowingly worn anything that flashed, even on a hen night. However, even an old Scrooge like me has to —grudgingly— admit that if your office Christmas lunch requires an element of novelty, you could do worse than these high gloss stick-on nails, by King of Kitsch Henry Holland. If you treat yourself to these as an early present, you can spend the morning of the office do at your desk applying them, neck a bottle of wine before the starters arrive and your paper crown will be perched piratically over one eye by the time the pudding hits the table. Chin chin!

House Of Holland Nails by Elegant Touch, £8.99

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  • betsymartian

    LOVE these. :)

  • Beklet

    these are excellent!!

  • Bekahbea

    Fantastic! There’s always a (small|) place for kitsch at Christmas. Usually next to the kirsch, but that’s probably just my tidy mind …

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