Advent Calendar Day 5

Marvis Toothpaste Set

MarvisI shop with my eyes, there’s no point in denying it. I fall hard for a book in a smart slipcover, get giddy over sardines in a handsome tin and go weak at the knees for toothpaste clad in vintage-style aluminium. But while it is the gloriously old-fashioned packaging that first drew me to Marvis—I like to imagine Jeeves squeezing it on to Bertie’s brush to revive him the morning after too many pink gins— it’s the taste that keeps me clicking ADD TO BASKET.

If you are frowning, thinking that giving toothpaste for Christmas is akin to wrapping up loo roll or a bottle of bleach, I can only implore you to give it a try. This gift set holds all seven flavours, in pleasingly dainty tubes (one for each day of the week, if you wish), oh-so handy for keeping one in your desk, one in your clutch bag and so on while you discover your flavour of choice. My regulars are the Classic Mint and the curious Amarelli Licorice. Frankly, the cinnamon is vile, in my opinion, but it wouldn’t do if we all like the same thing, and you can easily palm that one off on a friend—or foe.
Marvis Toothpaste Set, £17

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