Advent Calendar Day 9

Jo Loves Fragrance Discovery Gift Experience

IJo Loves long to be one of those chic women with discreet jewellery and a fragrance wardrobe. Cedar-lined drawers full of elegantly boxed scents, one earmarked for wintery evenings, one for summer days, one for a city date and so on. Sigh. But choosing a new scent nearly drives me demented and often results in me blowing upwards of sixty quid on something that ends up as room spray, so I usually repeat-buy the same few over and over, spraying on the first one that comes to hand from the chaotic bathroom cabinet each morning.

Clever Jo Malone has come up with the Jo Loves Fragrance Discovery Gift Experience to help the fragrantly-challenged avoid expensive mistakes and choose a signature scent, or at least a new favourite, to add to their arsenal. The white box is tied with a smart bit of red ribbon and contains nine miniature scents so you can try out each one a few times, away from the pressure of a brightly lit department store, and see how they warm up on your skin. Once you’ve picked your favourite, you complete the order card and a full sized bottle will arrive in the mail. I’m not convinced it will stop my frenzied spraying everytime I’m within reach of a beauty hall, but if I find this in my stocking, I promise to try.

Jo Loves Fragrance Discovery Gift Experience, £135

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  • Bekahbea

    What a brilliant idea. I love that you can try them at home and really get a feel for how each one works with your skin.

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