Advent Calendar Day 4

Kiehl’s Creme De Corps Holiday Edition

kiehls 2

I do adore receiving brand spanking new things to try out for Christmas, but sometimes, the oldies are the goodies, and on my list every year is a BIG pump bottle of Creme De Corps from Kiehl’s. Without it, I’m part woman/part lizard from November through to April, but a generous dose of this body custard after my shower leaves my limbs, if not cashmere soft, then at least human skin soft. The regular, drug-store-style labels for Kiehl’s don’t exactly scream FESTIVE, making them a little workaday for gifting, but happily, each year they commission a graphic artist to design a limited edition collection for the holidays, and for 2015 it was down to German-born New Yorker Peter Max, who has created a selection of particularly psychedelic Christmas scenes, complete with trippy trees and far out angels.

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Holiday 2015 Limited Edition, £45

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  • Beklet

    I really need to try this stuff. I was admiring the bottles in the window yesterday. They are very mesmerising

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