In Memoriam: Body Shop Dewberry Perfume Oil


Our regular tribute to products we have loved and lost.

For me – and maybe any man who had their first fumbling encounters in the late 80s – three aromas whisk me right back there: Impulse body spray (“When a stranger suddenly gives you flowers, that’s Impulse”), Cacharel Anais Anais and The Body Shop’s Dewberry range. All girls seemed to smell of these back then. Sickly sweet, fruitily floral, heady high street fragrances that evoke thrilling assignations at school discos and Wimpy bars. If you were lucky, you might visit her bedroom, which also smelt of these things – plus perhaps joss sticks or a sandalwood scented candle. There’d be a Monet print Blu-Tacked on the wall, a smattering of Penguin Classics on the bookshelf, alongside some Judy Blume, Jilly Cooper or Jackie Collins. You’d snog until your faces were sore, then float home with a soppy grin. As you went to bed that night, you’d catch a whiff that had rubbed off onto your Avanti at C&A shirt, have a secret smile and slip into Dewberry-scented dreams of love.


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  • Fee Bee

    Yay. Hello Hoges. My sister worked for The Body Shop for ten years. So I smelled of Dewberry for a decade. xx

  • Natalie Kate M

    This is inspiring me to go and re-read all my Judy Blume and spray myself in as much Impulse as I can find.

  • Steph Mulrine

    There also used to be a perfume oil by The Body Shop called Juba. I used to wear it from the age of about 10-15 as my Aunt and mother did. It was like a family identifier of a scent!

  • Violet Beauregard

    I had a part time job at the Body Shop when I was at uni. I’ll never forget the day someone dropped a litre of patchouli oil while attempting to fill the glass perfume flask. The entire shop reeked of it for months!

  • Jo Macauley-Weeks

    My mother used Dewberry soap religously. I was more of a White Musk kind of girl; to this day that smell reminds me of my first boyfriend and my first… well, you know.

  • Kathryn Davies-McG

    I’m still obsessed with Body Shop Tobacco Flower perfume. I have a stock I bought from Ebay. I’ll cry big fat tantrum tears when it’s all gone.

  • Riri Rochelle

    I was a big dewberry fan for years! I used to douse myself with the perfume oil which worryingly used to melt the paint on any eyepencils it rubbed up against in my makeup bag.

  • Emgtl

    I have a little stash of Impulse for when I want to remember what the 90s smelt like

  • Lindsay Dickinson

    Dewberry, Fuzzy Peach and the choking scent of Impulse O2 are what the 90s smell of for me! Memories…

  • Pimlicat

    I remember Dewberry with fondness. I ‘graduated’ from it to Elizabeth Arden ‘Sunflowers’ when I thought I was all grown up. I was 14.

    • Lindsay Dickinson

      Sunflowers was my ‘grown up’ perfume choice too! That and XS Pour Elle. I was a bit older than 14 though!

  • Rae

    My Body Shop scent of choice was white musk. I remember spending hours with my friends smelling every perfume in the giant glass bottles

  • gvr

    Looks like they may be bringing it back!! fingers crossed!

  • Ellen

    Oooh does anyone remember the smell of the Elderflower eye gel before they took the perfume out?

    • Fee Bee

      Yes, I do. I must have had that pot for a decade as well. made my eyes feel funny.

    • Jingly Jones

      I loved the elderflower eye gel – soothed my tired eyes through GCSEs and A Levels…

  • Eustacia Vye

    Happy days x I was a Dewberry girl and also liked a spray of Impulse – made me feel so grown up!

  • Katie

    I begged my mum for a little bottle of the Mango perfume oil they used to decant from the big bottles on the circular stand. Dropped it on the carpet the first day I had it. The most nauseating smell ever and lingered for months. Still can’t eat a mango

  • Fiona Gibson

    Hogan – you dewberry sniffing perv.

  • Becky Sharp

    I recently got hold of a sample of Pulp by Byredo. It’s meant to be a niche, high end, experimental fragrance. What does it make me think of? The Bodyshop circa 1996, powerfully. I like it.

  • Ruby Tuesday

    I used to reek of The Body Shop Patchouli oil in the mid-late 80s.I was an indie/alternative type and would never have worn Dewberry or White Musk.I do remember the sickly peachy smell of Dewberry though, it was very popular with the other girls at secondary school.

  • Jingly Jones

    Japanese Musk…

  • Banana

    I was all about Fuzzy Peach and White Musk. Couldn’t beat a bit of Exclamation either!

  • Ash

    Couldn’t abide Dewberry. I was all about the White Musk. (Still have a bottle of it now!)

  • Julie H

    Can’t stand dewberry as it reminds me of 6th form too much. I was all about the Charlie Red and Impulse in O2 (?).
    Ah memories.

  • Julianne Weimer

    What a lovely bottle. I could imagine it has a great smell too.

  • asecretsmile

    oh dewberry. my boyfriend at the time kissed me on the neck when i had this on. he looked at me bewildered and alarmed and asked why his lips were burning.

  • Veronica Wines

    Dewberry, hmmm…I have not tried this for years! Just looking at the bottle could remind me of the scent…and the memories along with it! Sweet indeed!

  • Stacy Miller

    I always visit the store of body shops because I really like their products and mostly the perfume oils. It makes me relax and feel comfortable. And for me, their products are really effective, just because it is tried and tested.

  • juliedexter

    I loved the plastic bottles and dewberry and juba please bring them back especially Dewberry xxxx

  • areya

    dewberry is the only perfume I have ever used. I managed to buy 3 bottles as it was going off the shelves…I’m down to my last one and have to limit its use to special occasions. I really wish they would bring it back!

  • TM

    Miss the Dewberry scent very much. I wish The Body Shop would bring the line back. I wrote to them a few times but I’m wondering if there’s just not enough interest in the market…

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