In Memoriam: Glitz ‘n’ Glam Hair Mascara


The products we’ve loved and lost.

Hair mascara. Mascara. For hair. Or: gloopy tubes of claggy colour that as teens and tweens we’d rub furiously along our mousey strands, desperate to stand out, to burst free and to be bright and bold and GORGEOUS.

Of course, hair mascara was actually a terrible idea and served only to make our locks dry and unmanageable, but those electric blue streaks were just too exciting to ditch.

Picking up a Glitz ‘n’ Glam tube for £1.99 down the market just to be able to stick two fingers up to your parents without actually getting in any trouble (wash-out FTW) was one of life’s great pleasures, along with smoking behind the Lidl toilets and sharing one Bacardi Breezer between five on a Friday afternoon after school. We did it all together, and we did it with brightly streaked hair. It was a tiny rebellion, and it felt fantastic.

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  • Leigh Jane

    I loved hair mascara. With the coloured hair trend surely they are due for a reboot?

  • Misssarahnoir

    I went for the lavender colour as it made my eyes ‘pop’ and totes complimented my blonde hair. I was so HAWT. Bring them back!

    • Natalie Kate M

      I remember having a ‘russet’ one. Looked properly crap.

  • Rachel Eling

    I had a blue one. What a piece of utter crap.

  • Nicola Ridings Watson

    Hair mascara passed me by. This makes me sad but probably for the best.

  • Kath GTL

    I was too old for hair mascara. Shaders ‘n’ Toners that came free with Blue Jeans magazine on the other hand…

    • Rachel Eling

      You’re never too old for hair mascara, Kath. I’ve got this great blue one, only lightly used…

    • Natalie Kate M

      Oh my god I was fully obsessed with Shaders n Toners.

    • Natalie

      Tried my first Toners (Rich Mahogany) after it came free with Jackie. I was about 11. My mum was surprisingly relaxed about it.

      • Natalie Kate M

        I swear they all turned out the same colour – a kind of sludgey orange.

  • Katrina Murray
    • Natalie Kate M

      I KNEW WE COULD RELY ON THE GERMANS. p.s I love how they describe it as ‘nurturing’

  • Velocity Girl

    LOVED hair mascara. Looking back, my hair was disgusting. I also had stuff that came in pots, that you had to rub on hair with fingers. And I’d plait the coloured bits. Thanks for this, great article and another great contributor

  • Pigely

    Thank you! I had forgotten all about hair mascara. Electric blue for me, along with £1 Spectacular nail polish in matt mint green, like toothpaste on your nails!

  • Jo

    Was there a glitter one? or have I made that up?

  • lippyqueen

    I had a gold one, it was a high end brand. gave it to my mum in the end. it was a 2 week fad for me.

  • Rooty Tooty

    I love a naff teenage rebellion. It brings years of endless pleasure at the memory for the teen and parent. My teenage lads have done the most naff stuff imaginable. I cannot WAIT to take the piss out of them for it in a few years time.

  • Natasha Quick

    Oh I loved my hair mascaras! Had a gold and reddish one for Xmas that came from a proper salon. Also remember getting Shaders & Tones in my Xmas stocking!

  • Kate Crowther

    Bought with such optimism, yet forever a let down. totally loved it, regardless. Bronze was my shade of choice.

  • Gabi Jones

    I’m glad that I was under 14 when these were big news. Long may they stay in the ‘loved and lost’ section of the beauty world.

  • Betty Chickens

    I love this! In the late 70s we used the inside of felt pens. Great until it rained and ran down your face x

  • Lara Thompson

    What you want ladies is electric blue hair mascara over Sun-In. Or that gold glitter hair spray. And fuck loads of crimping <3

    • Starry Up

      OMG Lara, that brings back to many awesome memories! My entire choir when I was 12 would coat themselves in gold glitter hairspray and coloured mascara before the christmas show. I loved glitter hairspray. If it came back into fashioin I’d be covered in it instantly, elegance be damned.

      • Lindsay Dickinson

        Sod fashion – I wear it every New Year’s Eve! *defiant face* I found a copper one in Claire’s last NYE which suits my red hair much better than gold. That’s NYE hair sorted for the next 10 years!

  • Dolly Daydreem

    My first ever high end beauty brand purchase was Dior hair mascara – there’s an oxymoron I ever there was one!

    • rochefoucauld

      Goodness, my mum bought me a blue Dior hair mascara for Christmas in… 1997? It smelled amazing and I loved it. Wore it (yes!) to many school discos with Tommy Girl, my blue brocade Topshop dress, blonde highlights, and blue eyeshadow. I looked totally boss.

  • Debredprice

    In my day it was ‘Hint of a Tint’ in the red foil packets – we fondly thought that it made a difference

  • Rachel Weber

    Charlie Red or Exclamation perfume, Rimmel lipstick in Heather Shimmer and No 17 foundation so thick it could deflect bullets. Quite the killer look.

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