The SHB Advent Calendar – Day 20

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Tangle Teezer, £12.25


I know of families where children fight tooth and nail over the only Tangle Teezer in the house. The idea of any hairbrush being such a highly prized possession would have been unthinkable when I was little, but in those days we just accepted that hairbrushing post-bath really bloody hurt. Tangle Teezers put an end to all that. This is the brush that was laughed out of the Dragons Den on BBC2 for being ‘pointless’ and the one that has proved arguably the most successful venture to ever appear on the show. What Tangle Teezer does is detangle wet, knotty hair without pain, frizz, damage and tears. It fixes an age-old problem perfectly, it stops children getting very upset, it’s affordable and it looks very nice indeed. There are heaps of designs (I favour the animal print for myself, my kids have a Wallace & Gromit design, my niece likes the flowerpot), but whichever you choose as a gift, you’ll find the Tangle Teezer fast becomes completely indispensable to the recipient within weeks. And you really can’t say that about many presents.

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  • Kath GTL

    Yep, these are the bees’ knees. Life changing.

  • Debra Brock

    I can’t live without mine. Seriously.

  • dani angell

    My three year old son has long hair and this saw the end of post-bath tantrum. But yes, he and my 18 month old daughter fight over it.

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