Cuir Fellow

A unisex Givenchy fragrance gets Daniel Maier all in a leather.

You know, I’m beginning to suspect some thought goes into these perfume names. Cuir Blanc (“White Leather”) from Givenchy’s L’Atelier range, could not be more succinctly monikered. Because while leather is very much Cuir Blanc’s driving force, this isn’t MAN leather. Neither gentleman’s club wingback armchair nor blokey sports coupé upholstery, but something a step more airy and feminine. Supposedly inspired by leather gloves, the hands wearing them here have splashed about in white musk and then riffled around in a pile of white pepper. Cuir Blanc is whiter than a UKIP shadow cabinet.

Obliging and unassertive, this is a perfume that hangs around in the background, pulling off the handy trick of letting you project your own scent memories onto it. I pick up the static, plastic and wood notes of my school’s computer club circa 1986. You won’t. Also, Cuir Blanc doesn’t hang about, drying down swiftly to a sweet, peppery powder. After two or three hours it’s resolved to a faint whiff akin to the back of a sofa from which a twist of sweet wrappers has recently been extracted. Shortly thereafter, it’s all but waiting with bags packed for a taxi on the pavement outside your house. Cuir Blanc is a brief but moreish experience.

Givenchy Cuir Blanc, £150, is one of the seven original fragrances in Givenchy’s L’Atelier collection.


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