SALI LOVES: Givenchy Teint Couture Balm

The French invent a whole new base category and it’s très, trGIVENCHY_Teint_Couture_Balm_30ml_1442485674ès bon

If you’re someone who likes the coverage of a foundation, the plump hydration of a tinted moisturiser, the smooth finish of a primer and the soft focus effect of a blur balm, then you are going to flip your lid over this. It’s Givenchy’s new balm foundation and I can’t think of another product quite like it.

According to Givenchy, the USP is in Teint Couture’s Hydro-Magnets – polymers formulated to help maintain water at the skin’s surface. The foundation’s polymers have hydro-magnetic properties, which capture water and bind with keratin in the skin to retain moisture. Righto. All I can say from my own point of view, is that someone in the lab got something very, very right.

Firstly, the application is a dream. I was expecting the distinctively silicone texture to peel or gather over dryness, but it glides absolutely beautifully with fingertips (making it a more practical travel foundation than say, Suqqu, which needs a brush or sponge), and you get plenty of playtime for perfect blending before it sets. The finish, likewise, is gorgeous. It certainly blurs and softens fine lines (I applied it everywhere, including around the eyes, straight over moisturiser), gives the entire face a more smooth surface, and can easily stand in for both primer and foundation. I often find silicone balms can dry to a slightly dull, chalky texture, but this does nothing of the sort. Instead, you get an ever so slightly dewy (not shiny), healthy looking glow (and yes, those three words ARE overused, but here they are absolutely warranted) that lasts all day. Also long-lasting is Teint Couture’s comfort. It feels moist and weightless for hours – much more like a tinted moisturiser than a heavy base.

Curiously, Givenchy describes this new generation base as having “more coverage than a BB, less coverage than a foundation”, but I can’t say I agree. It has as much coverage as many a proper foundation and I’d be as happy to wear it on a night out with a full face of other make-up, as I would for a casual day of mooching about. It evens out discolouration beautifully and covered up the two red blemishes I’d sprouted after testing a rubbishy cleanser. That said, I’ve also been testing the accompanying Teint Couture concealer, a cover-up stick split into two tones – yellow for covering, pink for correcting and highlighting. It’s gorgeous and creamy and I like it enough to have popped it into my personal makeup bag, but it hasn’t blown me away to quite the same extent as its big sister.

Teint Couture Balm Foundation is suitable for any skin type within a caucasian / pale Asian skin tone spectrum. The yellowy shades go unusually pale for a French brand too – I’m a 3 or even a 4, which is frankly unheard of. Its light texture and dewy finish may appeal to young women, but I think women of 35 plus will particularly appreciate its soft finish. The tube packaging is fairly uninspiring but is as practical as the product itself. In all honesty, I think this is the first foundation of 2015 to which I can genuinely award a 10/10. Absolutely bloody brilliant.


Givenchy Teint Couture Balm, £29

Teint Couture Concealer, £24


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  • Cait

    I want this so bad. It sounds dreamy. Is it available now?

    • Sali Hughes

      Yes, the red credit is always clickable to buy. x

  • betsymartian

    This sounds amazing, I’ll definitely put it at the top of my list for next time I’m face shopping!

  • Kath GTL

    Hi Sali, if you get a chance to answer this I’d be grateful. I’ve recently bought the Estée Lauder Double Wear Light. Is it worth getting the Givenchy balm as well?

    • Sali Hughes

      No, no need for both. x

  • lovestruck

    Ooooooh this is getting purchased next month! Thank you Sali!

  • Karen French

    I love the sound of this, and hopeful there will be a shade to suit my pale skin.

  • Ann Teak

    Um. Sold!

  • Gill G

    Hi Sali, I’ve just trawled the Internet for a list of ingredients in this balm without success :( I’d be interested to know what’s in it before I try it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a sample somewhere to try before I buy!

  • Bekahbea

    That sounds fantastic. I’ll be checking it out when I get to a counter. I recently bought the Armani Crema Nuda (via a kind Italian friend, not at the stupid UK price), and it’s fabulous: goes on beautifully with fingers, looks as good as Suqqu.

  • jobellerina

    I’m going to have to buy this aren’t I?

  • picolin

    I need this. NEED.

  • Violet Beauregard

    Desperate for this to launch here, and kicking myself for not snapping up a tube when I was in NYC 3 weeks ago.

  • fanny pack

    Off to sephora to try, yay!

  • Tabby Kat

    This has received raves in the U.S. I tried it over moisturizers, primers, and bare skin – such a disappointment. It reminded me of one of those silicone-based primers: much less coverage than my favorite tinted moisturizers and my skin looked dry and greasy at the same time. Also, the color did not stay true.

    I don’t say this to detract from Sali’s review (I think she’s great), but definitely get a sample to try at home before you buy. Foundation et al. is very personal stuff.

  • Jo Adams


  • Jackie Gunner

    Thanks ever so much for this Sali. I’m about to finish ALL of my foundations – for the first time in my adult life and I’d really rather only have one brilliant one – and this sounds right up my street. *emails Givenchy for samples*

  • jen pobble

    I’ve often found Givenchy cater for pale skins better than other french brands. I look forward to trying this.

    • Sali Hughes

      Yes, it goes really pale. x

  • PhotoGirl

    This sounds amazing. What a shame that they don’t have appropriate colors for brown and black skin tones. How is this even possible in 2015? Very disappointing.

  • essezeta

    Thank you Sali, I’ve been wearing it after your rec and it’s one of the best foundation I’ve ever tried. Luminous, long lasting and light.

  • Hazelnutoliveoil

    I have this and have been using it for 10 days or so since I read this review. It is simply the best base I’ve tried in ages. So lovely, and fresh with excellent staying power. I can’t fault it. And it mixes beautifully with the NIOD photography fluid! I guessed on the shades and got 5 which seems spot on for NC25ish skin. Thanks Sali x

  • Sandy

    Hi there – I have recently moved back to Australia from the UK and miss your column! Do you know where I could get hold of this in Australia? My colouring looks v similiar to yours. Can you suggest a close second if not :) ?

  • Irina

    This is a fabulous foundation, thank you for your glowing review. I would never have tried it otherwise.

  • MalteseBear

    I can’t get my hands on any samples. There are no stockists in Edinburgh, my home town. What shade should I go for? I am from the Med, with olive skin, brown eyes, grey hair. I’m in my mid-50s

  • jen pobble

    Bit late to the party on this because shade 1 is not sold in the UK but I finally got my hands on it and it is lovely

    • Penguin64

      Where did you manage to find it? I’m either 1 or 2 and can’t find it for sale anywhere!

      • jen pobble

        Duty Free. Also available in Sephora on the continent

  • We Buy Houses Fast San Antonio

    this is water based, not silicon based. if you wear it over a silicon primer or screen IT WILL PILL.

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