SALI LOVES: ReCover Correct and Conceal Red

 ReCover concealer

From leftfield, comes a very pleasantly surprising hit. We run for cover.

Some women have hundreds of mascaras, others collect foundations or identical coloured lipsticks in a search for the perfect specimen. Me? I’m on a never ending quest for the ultimate concealer. It’s just my thing. It’s rare I find one I can really get behind, but this made the cut within seconds of application. It’s is the first product from makeup artist Annabel Jardella, and currently the only one in her soon to be launched ReCover brand (I do admire brands who try to really nail down one thing before expanding faster than they can develop really solid products). I feel bad not to have heard of Jardella before now, because if this colour correcting concealer is anything to go by, the woman knows her stuff. Conceived specifically to cancel out any red tones, including those from rosacea, flushing, mild scarring and uneven pigmentation, its USP is that it covers with just a very thin veil of product, leaving skin looking like well, skin. It certainly delivers on that, and if redness is your gripe, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It goes on thinly and silkily, without being at all watery. It spreads, not slides, and settles down quickly to set. There’s no dryness, heaviness, flake, cake or crease – it’s an almost imperceptible finish, in fact. It covers very well, and as it’s yellow toned (to cancel out red), I’ve been using it as my main concealer on all parts of my face. I’ve still been layering Bobbi Brown corrector in Light Bisque underneath for my under eyes (yellow won’t cut it on grey and blue toned circles), but I already use this technique with all my other concealers, so it’s no hardship. I’m thrilled with the results and really impressed with what has clearly been a very careful and discerning product development process. My only real gripe (apart from its caucasian-only shade range and insistence that “Fair” is darker than “Light” – WTF?) is that for something so bloody expensive, it’s initially difficult not to dispense way more than you need from the otherwise lovely cool-tip pump applicator. It’s so concentrated that this leads to a frustrating amount of waste, but you do quite quickly get the hang of a very light touch to dispense a tiny amount. The concealer has yet to hit market, but I’m pleased to say you can apply now for a free sample ahead of the launch date (see link below). A nice, customer-friendly touch from a brand whose next move I’m suddenly very keen to see.

ReCover Correct and Conceal Red, £28

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  • Nicola

    This looks very exciting! Sample ordered :)

  • jen pobble

    Interesting. Will definitely request a sample when the Very Light colour becomes available.

  • Lara Thompson

    Sounds great. Wondering which would be the nearest shade to Nars creamy concealer in custard?

  • Bekahbea

    This sounds perfect for me. Fingers crossed!

  • Bekahbea

    I use Custard, and chose Fair based on their descriptions.

    • Lara Thompson

      Thank you x

  • essezeta

    Oh, it looks fab.

  • widowspider


  • Beanie O’D

    Looking forward to trying this, my redness is always worse at this time of year.

  • ToryF

    I really liked this too. Lovely formula and great coverage. I was sent a sample pack and they are generous. Worth getting hold of!

  • lovestruck

    woooooo!!!!! thanks sali. my red chin hates concealer in winter so this is smashing :)

  • CC

    Which colour do you use, Sali?

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