Sali Loves: RMS Blush Brush



The essential new brush for blusher fans

rms_brushThis. It’s the best creme blush brush in the world, ever. And as a blush fanatic, I don’t say that lightly. It’s sheer brilliance means I’ve used no other blush brush in months. What makes it so great? Firstly, the short bristles (white – perfect for checking your blush dose) make it very easy to control – the colour doesn’t hurtle towards your eyes, or south to your jaw. It stays prettily on the apples of the cheeks where it belongs. Secondly, the duo-fibres seem to pick up exactly the right amount of creme (or gel) when dabbed into the compact, then blend it softly and subtly as though airbrushed on. Finally, and most impressively, it doesn’t take your foundation with it. Somehow I can blend my blusher like a mofo and the fibres leave everything beneath intact. I won’t lie – this brush is expensive and so if you’re a high-days-and-holidays-only creme blush user, you really needn’t bother (fingertips are fine and free). But if you’d rather go naked than skip blush, invest. You will not regret.

RMS Blush Brush, £26, Cult Beauty

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  • Guest

    I’ll try it. I love creme blush, but I never seem to be able to apply it properly. I would love it if you’d film a tutorial about this. Specifically, I’d like to know how to apply it without taking your foundation and concealer off in the process. Thanks!

  • A

    That brush is on my list, nice to hear it’s a good buy. I’ve worn the same brand’s burrito bronzer all summer and loved it – but kept thinking a brush would have been nice to have to apply it with.

    • A

      burriti bronzer, obviously (not burrito!)

  • jen pobble

    This is going on my christmas list.

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