In the Bathroom with Rosemary Ferguson: Part Two

Sali goes foraging in the fridge of nutritionist, author and model Rosemary Ferguson and discusses healthy eating and juicing.

Rosemary’s book, Juice is available here:

For more from Rosemary see:

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  • Katie

    Very interesting, it’s good to hear someone talking knowledgeably about food and debunking some myths. I’d love to have had more of that. We’re really peddled some bollocks about food and diet aren’t we? Thank you, lots more of your interviews with interesting women please.

  • Sue

    For some reason I thought this video was going to annoy me! I had visions of being fed a load of ‘claptrap’ about food or some bollocks about natural remedies etc. I was pleasantly surprised as Rosemarie seems quite sensible in her approach and I ended up enjoying both videos.

  • Tiziana

    I like Rosemary very much, in a selfish way, as she seems more of a person I’d have cofffee with than other famous women Sali’s interviewed so far, although I admire them all.
    Thanks Sali for all of these bathroom videos!

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