In The Bathroom with Val Garland Part One

Sali interviews the legendary make-up artist Val Garland about her career, her influences and her collaborations.

The Val Garland School of Make Up is currently accepting applications here: . Sali will also be tutoring on this course.

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  • lovestruck

    ‘knowing who their muse is’…. brilliant advice

  • Lana Turner

    Gah! Cliffhanger alert. More!!

  • Kateyb

    I love these interviews and hearing how people have got started, what drives them, and their creative approach, fascinating. Thank you so much Sali.

  • Sue

    Oh no, why did it finish at that point. Great interview!

  • Linda.Belinda

    Very interesting hearing how she got started and that she was first a hair-dresser. Also, v interesting about the make-up mistakes and how she approaches them. I always learn something that i am using in my own life, even if i am not a make up artist. Hearing how other women manage is very inspiring. “If i have nothing left to learn, then i stop”.
    Again, it’s great how you are letting the interviewee shine and open up.

  • Naomi

    Actually shouted ‘NOOOO’ when that finished. Can’t wait for part two.

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